Bodyweight squats vs. deadlifts: which exercise burns the most calories?

Squats and deadlifts work different muscles, each with different movements. In this article, we’ll look at how each method can benefit your body through sound research from academics and physical exercise professionals.

Deep squats

The deep squat is a strength exercise associated with a high risk of injury to the lower limbs and trunk. However, when done correctly, it is one of the best physical exercises that people train for endurance sports and those trying to stay fit can reap many benefits.

To minimise the risk of injury, deep squats should not be performed with the restricted knee across the front of the toes. The knees and lumbar spine do a lot of the exercise and their impact on the spine can vary significantly depending on the increased load.

Knee angle, stance width, and the speed used during the squat are all taken into account when assessing the efficiency of the deep squat. The main muscles worked in this exercise include

Hamstrings  Femur
Rectus femoris
Medial Femoral
Lateral Femoral Muscle

Vastus lateralis
Biceps femoris
Gluteus maximus

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