Why Is It Better To Eat In Small Portions And Have 4-5 Meals In A Day?

Stabilized Glucose Levels In The Blood

Good For Medical Conditions

Weight loss can lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It can also help in the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol. Eating smaller, more frequent meals may provide additional health benefits. Smaller meals are less likely to result in a significant spike in blood sugar levels after a large meal. Cholesterol levels are also lower in these people. Before making any dietary changes, consult your doctor or a dietician if you have diabetes. If you don’t make any changes to your diabetes treatment plan, you could get hypoglycemia. The goal of eating four or more meals each day is to adequately refuel your body to work you going until your next meal. To get into the habit of eating this frequently, it takes a lot of planning, preparation, and perseverance. This keeps you satiated and reduces your chances of overeating, likely pushing you to eat more mindfully.

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