How to create your home office setup

Before you start setting up your home office, there are two things to consider.

Where will your workspace be located in your home? You will be spending more than seven hours in your home office, so think carefully about the furniture and equipment you will need to set up.
What resources will you have to use? Before deciding what to buy, bear in mind important things such as available equipment and budget.

You may be thinking, “Working from home in your pyjamas is the most comfortable thing you can do!” You’re not wrong, but follow these 4 simple tips and your body will thank you in the long run!

Look straight at your monitor
Keep your hands at a 90-degree angle to your desk
Keep your back straight and sit in your chair (no lethargy allowed)
Keep your feet on the floor

After categorising your workspace and ergonomics, here are some technology options that may improve your working experience at home. We have provided suggestions for different types of work and budgets.

Some end final tips
Setting clear boundaries for starting and stopping work can help you avoid overworking and going crazy! Get dressed in the morning so you’re ready for work, make sure all distractions are turned off, and when you’re done for the day, turn off your computer and disable work notifications.

Sitting all day is not good for your health. Get up and walk around the house every so often.

And last but not least, be safe when you go out, wash your hands and wear a mask!

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